Sunday, August 11, 2013


See, people like me, 
from day one, 
have felt like some unwelcome side effect of a pill
that was supposed to make them feel so good inside
but instead
it deteriorated their entire selves
in exchange for a brief moment of pleasure,
of solidarity.

And people like you have made people like me feel worse
for decades after that
and decades
and even now.

Because, see, we as a society have convinced ourselves 
that the inside of a mailbox
or something that has been dead for 30 million years
or money
is more important than the pulsing inside of a
currently breathing
human being
and her soul.

Daughters of the universe, be strong.
Be aware.
If my daughter ends up
in jail for any length of time,
I want it to be the result of her standing up
for her beliefs
her convictions;
unafraid and unshaken
by the foolish screams around her.

This is something that I understand.
How awful it feels
to lose your community
your foundation
because you have done 
And then I will know what to say 
to her
in encouragement.

Because you, in your irrelevance,
your lack of perspective, 
your lack of vision,
scribble your judgments 
and your hatreds
onto rectangular scraps of paper

and you take your words to the bank
and you pull them out of your
back pocket
but I know from whence they really came
just around the corner

and you take your words up to the counter
but you can't cash that check, baby.

It's going to bounce.

Now watch me do the same thing.

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