Sunday, December 16, 2012

Surviving the Present

I can't really describe, in a single Tweet-sized statement, how much I can't handle anything that is going on in our nation right now, so like any questionably-sane member of my generation, I'll obviously blog about it.

On the personal level, I can't handle much more than structured academia right now, as much as I hate structured academia, and barely even that. The semester is over, and I am spent, and consequently broke...well. Tis the season. My thesis, graduate school, and sleep are on my agenda. And the occasional anxiety attack, which hopefully I can keep at bay, but recent events are causing me to naysay my own bay-keeping, anyway. Christmas is the worst because I can never afford it. And I am all about Christmas and all of it's Christmasy slogans, like some idealistic garbage about Peace on Earth and Good Will Towards Men for bleeding hearts like mine, I mean, the one that I keep in it's totally vogue custom-made steel casing. But I want these ridiculous phrases to ring with truth, all the time. Ok, so I want Real Community for always, and Yep We're Still Your Genuine Community for Christmas time. Is that too much to ask? Several ABC Family Christmas specials have convinced me that no, it is not too much to ask. Moving on, then.

On the national level, I can't even begin to be able to handle anything that has happened in the past six months at all, ever, ever, ever, never. What happened to our ability as Americans to have intelligent conversations, especially with those who may slightly or overtly disagree with us? Excuse my addiction to education and my efforts to perpetuate equal access to education across the globe, but what is learned from either conversations with people with whom you completely agree or from fighting words with those with whom you definitely do not agree? When did we start assuming that everybody is on one bandwagon or the other? And if you're not on my bandwagon, then you must be on the opposing bandwagon, complete with the same insane flag-wavers and nonsense-screamers that exist on my bandwagon, except you believe in a cause that is completely opposite to mine, therefore I must scream louder, and then you scream louder, and we forget any common threads between us, and we form enemies within our own nation, but nobody hears us because we've drowned each other out. And nothing, and I mean nothing, gets fixed. Like everything else in my life, it's just physics. Destructive interference. Look it up.

All of this buffoonery has almost silenced me, how dare you, from fear of using my extensively educated voice to perpetuate some truth that, I guess, isn't popular anymore. At this point, I think I'm just more inclined to move to Hippietown USA and start salsa garden as well as a ragtag gang of free-thinkers and, more importantly, free-huggers. You know, the kind of people that share, and love, and think critically, and discuss intelligently, and make music, and feed each other, and take care of each other, and keep each other safe, and keep each other healthy, and keep each other in check, and promote education, and promote community. The kind of people that have the gumption to really start to make a positive difference in our downward-spiraling global existence. These are the kinds of people with whom I surround myself. This is the environment in which I can grow.

So quit stifling me. Stop projecting agendas onto me. Stop having an agenda if your agenda isn't working for the betterment of society, and rather start doing something instead of simply shouting about it. Cultural paradigm shifts need support from the top down, but they begin from the bottom up. And we're a generation overdue for one.