Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Exactly Where

There are a lot of things in the universe.

I am a fighter that doesn't like to fight. I am a lover that cannot fully love. What is this incompleteness that I feel within my peaceful, complete self? 

Let's have a conversation that doesn't involve that feeling of eggshells cracking in my chest. I love, regardless.  I will accept anything, with a smile and a nod, regardless of my feelings because it hasn't anything to do with me.

But still...we want to know what the truth is. And how it can be found. And how to tell the truth without acting as if we've invented the truth; indeed an invented truth is no truth at all but rather a falsehood. "Truth is what exists. Falsehood has to be invented."

My heart and my soul have been telling me where, exactly where I stand. Now I need to have my head in check as well. Here's the problem though: I don't love with my head.  I can find passion through thinking, but my love is as deep and as wide as the sea and as vast as the mountains and I cannot fit all of that into my logical, scientific mind. 

My soul is what exists. Logic will follow. I don't want ignorance, I don't want argument, I don't want misinterpretations, I don't want falling-out, I don't want things breaking. I crave honesty, conversation, reality, genuine thinking, and above all, love. Pure, unapologetic, spiritually-entangled, soul-entwined love. A three-stranded knot around our hearts. Unafraid to look into the eyes of our past selves. Confident in confidence. Together regardless. Love like that.