Wednesday, March 14, 2012

400 and 7 and 3.14159

Important facts: it is Pi Day, as well as my 400th post, as well as somewhere near my seventh blogiversary. So, yeah. Numbers.

It should be noted that, as of earlier this week, Michigan has decided that it's basically summertime already. Whenever this happens, I mostly find myself extra jubilant which always surprises me but it always happens. So, thanks God, and hydrogen fusion, and axial tilt.

It should also be noted that the theme of my life lately is love. (Erm, what?!) Yep. L-word. L-word and flipping everything upside down and dissecting things to figure out what they really are. But mostly love. And by love, I mean having the opportunity to invest in the lives around me. Lives that I've come to cherish, a lot.

Here is what I think love should look like:
-Alexi Murdoch for everyone with anxiety disorders
-A full tank of gas for those who need to travel
-More time for anyone studying for an E&M exam
-Clarity for anyone feeling overwhelmed
-Sunshine for people in Michigan
-Herbal tea for those with congestion
-Simple truth for everyone blinded by complex logic
-Me for you

That's it. Me for you. Whatever I can do for you, because that's the theme, and that's what I want.

Alright. Back to E&M...