Monday, September 19, 2011

New Home

Just a quick one before I go back to writing my Optics lab report, which I decided to try writing in LaTeX to make it look pretty, for once. I think the last post was about my impending fear of becoming a stressed-out shut-in alcoholic, but it looks like that won't be the case. Dodged that one. :]

But I figured I should update. I'm teaching two classes at MSU at the moment; one algebra and one physics. My algebra kids are as sweet as can be, and my physics kids drive me crazy. I still like both jobs, though, so that adds greatly to my happiness which, by the way, is running quite rampant since I have a house and not a cubicle. It's so much space for the three of us and the dog, but small enough to feel cozy and just like home. We like it.


A few minutes ago, I looked down at my Clemson t-shirt that I wore to teach a Michigan State class, and realized that I'm not sold-out loyal to any university (except during basketball season, but even then...). And that thought led to the realization that I'm not sold-out loyal to anybody either. Not that I'm disloyal, but I float from person to person and generally love most everybody that I spend time with. So that thought led to the question: what am I sold-out loyal to?

The obvious church answer would be Jesus, but maybe I'm not even that. As crazy as I sang yesterday, even AnnaMaria knew I wasn't really all there. She wants all of me. He wants all of me. I know what's in my way, but for some reason, it seems nearly impossible to get rid of.

At any rate, I'm happy for whatever happiness is worth. I don't want to sleep anymore. I just want to work. I want to be awake for this life. Awake and crazy.


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