Friday, June 03, 2011


Obviously, I've run into one of those situations where intentions get swamped by routine. I had intended to provide my many, many readers (hah) with vivid descriptions of my everyday life in South Carolina, but as it seems, that might get a little...repetitive.

My typical day, as it were, would be getting up, work, lunch and The Office/Big Bang Theory, more work, work out, elaborate dinner, more The Office/Big Bang Theory, sleep, lather, rinse, repeat. To be specific, yes, I did say work out. They have a lovely gym here, since I refuse to run up and down hills in 95-degree humidity. Today the work out mileage broke 9.5, and I'm pretty happy with it. My knees hate me, though.

As for elaborate dinner, well, I've fallen in love with my kitchen and all that it contains. I love food shopping at Wal Mart. I love planning out all of the different things that I can make. Tonight, for example, it was ranch and parmesan-encrusted breaded chicken. I definitely rock at this whole food thing, and I can't wait to live with two other gals that share the same love language. Roomie breakfasts, here I come. (Domesticity, anyone?!? This is why I should never stray to far from Tina Fey's autobiography. It is, after all, every feminist's guide to anxiety and awesomeness, a.k.a my existence.)

I've been playing with my Mac desktop (don't tell my dad!) and it makes my PC look like a redneck. I believe that the Mac vs. PC commercials should include an actual redneck playing the role of the PC. A nice one, though, an efficient, hard-working redneck (that needs to re-charge his batteries every 20 minutes.) Anyway, I must do fancy little programming things, which haven't been too difficult. What's that, you ask? Why, then, did I text you at 9AM complaining about how 'this bug has had me stuck for the past 18 hours' and asking you for a virtual margarita? Well. Turns out, that 'bug' is unsolvable and impossible. It's not just my ignorance or confusion or general paranoia directed at bash terminals. All is well. I've been sifting through Fermi spacecraft data for last month, and there may or may not have been a quasar detected, so...that's pretty cool. Let's stick with the 'pretty cool' part of this research, because it very much is.

So, that's life for now. Still sinking in to life here, hanging out with the guys when we can, trying to network somehow. I'll probably get to a church sometime over the next couple of weeks, so there's community, right?

I haven't hugged anybody (except my teddy bear) in 9 days. That's a new record.



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