Monday, February 14, 2011


Introductory exclamation: IT IS SO WARM. I mean, minus the wind that feels like it belongs off the coast of the Atlantic rather than blowing me off of my feet in front of the Cyclotron lab. Most of the snow is gone, which gives the world a little color again, and I love that.

Speaking of things that I love, it's Valentine's day again. So...yay? Miranda and I pretended to be Valentines so that we could get free ice cream from the Dairy Store today, thereby heightening the day's status to ULTRA Grilled Cheese Monday. Worth it.

I just realized about five minutes ago that the reason behind my feeling so awful today (yeah okay, sure) is the fact that my blinds were closed from last week, when I felt equally as awful. Open blinds, problem solved. Right?

Okay, I'm trying reeeeeeally hard to not make this a pessimistic post, but rather a sarcastically witty one. But alas, I used up all of my Valentine's spirit on the ridiculous video that my sisters and I made this weekend, which I can't post here because its file size is 115MB instead of 100MB. I love you too, Blogger Video Criteria.

I desperately need more free chocolate.

I more desperately need to study for my programming exam. Which is tomorrow. So tonight after work, my programming class will be my Valentine. It won't. It will, however, be my bad relationship. One more for the mound.! I give up on trying to make this post readable, or cute. It's not my fault. You k now how you unexplainably loathe the things that you can't explain (making this an infinite loop of unexplainable unexplainables...aha! I WILL pass my programming exam!)? I've decided to go down the jealous, angsty, worthless path of eye-rolling lusty behavior, today. Because I haven't a CLUE what love is. This day isn't about love. It's about...what is it about?

Oh, yeah. It's a normal Monday. I go to class and eat grilled cheese and go to work and stay up too late doing the things that I should've done during the random, obnoxious, inconvenient hour breaks between places to be.

A normal, busier-than-healthy week.

That's it.



Joy said...

"I love you too, Blogger Video Criteria." -Hillarious.

And I loved what you said here: "You know how you unexplainably loathe the things that you can't explain.."

That is profoundly true of much of humanity. I would encourage you to not gloss over that statement but really think about it. Sometimes I have to focus on what I do know, rather than getting so depressed abut what I can't make sense of...

Becca said...

Sound advice. It's unsettling that ignorance can feel and look staggeringly similar to hate, and hate is such a consuming flame. Here's hoping that at some point, I learn to surrender my misunderstandings instead of growing bitter from them. Thanks for reading! :]