Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Dip

A light-hearted post about being the Elle Woods of the physics department is on its way, but tonight is a too-much-coffee kind of night and this week is a heavy-hearted kind of week.

The kinds of unprofessional and unexplainable dramatics that make people fall apart quickly have been making entrances and exits.

In all forms.

But I was reminded once again that I have the greatest cousins in the entire world, and that they look out for me even when they don't even know that they need to. It's 1AM on Thursday morning, and this week is dripping with every low-viscosity shade of ridiculous. I can't even verbalize this. I can't. I could try, but it would just end up being some sort of incoherent rant.

A rant about how much humanity disappoints me. How even the heroes fall. How entitlement should never be something just flippantly acquired. How conflicted things have become again. How to distinguish between normal and demonic. How to know how much your best friend loves you.

But ultimately, how to simply walk through life, still a little afraid, still a bit without a voice.

I have a voice. Wish I could use it right now. Later.


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