Sunday, July 11, 2010

Like the 1940's...Without WWII.

I'll explain in a moment.

First of all, I've discovered a great many things about myself (and others) in the past couple of weeks. In list form, I guess my realizations would look something like this:

1. I eat so much food. No shame there. This woman cannot live on sugar snap peas alone.
2. I like to run barefoot, but this is a bad idea in 75 degree weather on gravelly blacktop for a four mile loop.
3. Allowing people to start sinking into me deeper than my first few layers is not entirely a bad idea.
4. I am a wide-open-spaces kind of gal.
5. The more physical miles I put behind me, the more grown-up I feel. So road trips are a must.
6. There's more to life than a PhD, but those are still three letters at the top of my list.
7. Cincinnati looks like a platinum version of the Emerald City at night.
8. I have way more spiritual authority than I thought.
9. The amount of unsurpassed love and adoration that my professor has for his wife is indescribably encouraging.
10. I still love hugs and playing with Casey's hair more than most things.
11. Leaving Ohio is going to break my heart. Just a little.
12. Angela told me that I was worth more than this. It's absurd and wonderful how much she loves me, but I am beginning to believe her and I love her back more than the amount that is probably healthy.

And to segue from #12, in other news:

13. I don't have depression anymore. Rather, depression hasn't got me anymore. Because apparently I am worth more than the occasional panic attack and perpetual paranoia. It's time to grow out of mental health issues, for now, for good. At least this one. At least to live a life that more closely resembles the life that God has wanted for me. Something about hope and a future from Jeremiah. Living in post-depression isn't bliss, but it is real life. Finally.

So it's like I said, post-depression. Like the 1940's...without WWII.


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