Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crazy Like Eloise

I am far too dizzy far too often.

Turns out, the semester is almost over. I have until next Wednesday at 2:45PM. That's terrifying. That's too good to be true. That's ridiculous because I pretty much haven't written anything at all this semester.


I move to Ohio in a couple of weeks for my summer Astrophysics research job. Not to say that I'm good at Astrophysics. Not to say that my tentative publications in Nuclear physics have anything to do with MY intellect. I'm not sure I have any intellect left. Whatever intellect I had probably got flung into the open, empty space in my room when I was convulsing. Not to say that I convulse. Much.

All of a sudden I am shy now and I don't want to speak in front of people anymore. Eyes shouldn't see me. Ears won't hear me for a while now. That's all very well.

But if you asked me what I learned this semester, I'd say this:

Every family has an expiration date.

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