Friday, June 26, 2009


I've been thinking, for the past couple of days, about how my body looks like a disease. A sun-poisoned, sweat-poisoned, plant-poisoned, bug-poisoned disease. An itchy, crampy, sleepy, liquid disease. Boo.

But all is well.

Today I made a bazillion cookies to sell tomorrow. Regardless of how this works out, I think it will be fun. There's an awful lot of support on my side, though, and I think we'll be fine. Casey and I are singing, anyway, so that will be nice in and of itself.

Moving on.

Let's see. Alienation has made a grand entrance again. It's either my fault or not at all. Who gives a toss? Nobody, and I shouldn't either. People love anyway. People will understand. Will they? Your mother will be coming downstairs to make breakfast. Will she?

I am so exhausted.


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