Thursday, November 06, 2008

Summary of a Month: Confetti Style

First and foremost: I am SO glad that this election is over.

But I voted. :]

Calculus makes me feel just as intelligent as Chemistry makes me feel incompetent.

Liam has an ATTITUDE. But he gets it from his mum, and I'm proud of my baby fish.

I keep on singing songs in Irish just because I find it magnificent that the pronunciations have absolutely nothing in common with the actual spelling of the words.

I very much enjoy going line dancing at Whiskey Barrel. Very much. :]

I have learned how to navigate Kalamazoo, crazy one-way streets and all.

Knee socks. Argyle knee socks.

Turns out, swimming a kilo or an eight-four-two-one hundred plus two fifties set is not impossible and gives me more glorious endorphins than I know how to handle.

I am so sick of everyday being a "preparation" for something in the future. Childhood was preparation for Elementary. Elementary was preparation for Jr High. Jr High was preparation for High School. High School was preparation for college. College is supposed to be preparation for a job.

But actually this is all said just to distract us from life which is happening right now; it's not something you wait for. It's happening. Live. Frickin'. Life.

That's what I do.


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