Friday, October 24, 2008

Two Dimensional and No More

I've decided that life in two dimensions would be simple and lovely. With my newly-acquired extra time, I chose not to study for my upcoming Calculus II exam for now or wash dishes, or do anything that a big-girl such as myself should be doing; however, I spent the better part of my afternoon viewing Charlie Brown specials while sprawled out on the futon.

This brings me back to last fall around this time of year when I was a character from a Charlie Brown story. Life upon that stage was most definitely two-dimensional; life in this college is not even that. Life in college is meaningless and dull, for the most part. Life in Charlie Brown's world seemed meaningless at times, and maybe "it all just seemed so futile", but by the end of the special his friends would have confirmed that he was, indeed, "a good man". Then, together, they found "happiness".

I can't tell if I just miss the stage or if I'm looking for something completely different all together.

Probably a mixture of the two.

But for now, I'll stare at the raindrops splattered on my window and light a candle and listen to some premature Christmas jazz from the Charlie Brown Christmas special. Then I think I might spend some quality time with two of my very dearest friends, and savor it. Because I know I'm looking for more than this. I need to start savoring moments lest life pass me by entirely...absolutely entirely.


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