Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pretty Exclusive

I know I have nothing of substance to talk about, because I'm spreading myself ocean-wide and inch-deep. There's no room for being profound or thought-provoking here, as I thought there might be. That's because everything is still so new and I've realized that I'll never be used to it because by the time this feels like normalcy, it will be time to go back home for the summer.

But college is supposed to make you think about things more applicable than Lewis Dot Diagrams or what happens if you line up a plano-convex lens with a mirror and shoot a beam of parallel light through. I think, though, that everything will develop into something deeper since my only non-science-or-math class starts next Tuesday.

But for now, the only nice thing I can do for myself is make my room smell like autumn; pumpkin and Chai lattes. And minor in theatre. And go to the basement where there's a piano and let my fingers compose a forty-five minute ballad for me. And break out the old black blazer coat. And calm down.


1 comment:

Kelly said...

Chai lattes hmmm my favorite. We need to go to Golden Harvest in Old Town for breakfast sometime--I think you'd like it there a lot!

p.s. Since I'm only part time at Schuler, I didn't find out about my staff selections till Sunday, so it was a short-lived experience overall, don't feel bad!

p.s.s. I love you.