Monday, September 15, 2008


It is refreshing to be able to spend time with people after extended periods of, well, just Facebook. Lovely evenings, lovely afternoons like such are so much more valued now that I'm out. I never realized how much I missed some people, some things until I left them.

Now. I'm extremely lucky, because the vast majority of said things are fifteen minutes down Grand River Avenue.

But I'm not avoiding my home town like the Black Plague as I thought I might.


What else?

Oh, classes are legit I suppose. My schedule goes from hectic to boring in a matter of seconds. I've eaten a ton of hummus and ice cream. Not mixed, of course, but maybe I'll try that just to add spice to my life. Movie nights are, like, the most exciting thing that can happen. That and study groups, which incidentally turn out to be huge laugh-fests of intelligence.

So I'm just chill. People keep asking me, and I keep telling them. I like it here.


And on another note...

Just not abandon me. Please don't.


1 comment:

Kelly said...

Your comments make light of everything that is dark--just to know that someone else has experienced or is going through something similar is comforting in every aspect of being. I'm so lucky to have you as a friend. We should totally live together next year:)

That's a really vivid dream you had--frightening. I don't know what to say, we'll have to discuss it sometime.