Thursday, August 28, 2008

No Yesterday, Just Tomorrow

Sometimes I hate my job but other times, my job is the only reason I'm sane. Take today, for instance.

I had a stomach knot the size of an orange in my side during Chem lab (which happened to be boring to the zillionth degree) and all I wanted was ramen noodles. That's college, I guess. So I made myself some ramen and ate one of the brownies that my sisters made and watched the rest of Annie. I'm so jealous. It's my dream to be in that musical. I was a little dilerious too, I'll admit.

So a nap was a good idea, but it was more of a half-asleep confusion which became intensified when I laid on my side for too long and my lung got squished. It really sucks when that happens. Really. Or maybe it was my heart being crushed between my lungs. It doesn't's just painful whatever it is.

But I had to wake up and go to work. Lucky for me, it was at a sandwich counter with a girl named Alaena and a supervisor named Mike, who happens to be completely badass. Things looked up a little.

"Look at my girl go; I'm so proud of you!"

Looking back, that's all the pick-up I needed. I just wasn't feeling good before; I was only existing and floating in a world where I'm a number, a face, a nobody at this point. But this is college where the little things mean everything and everything means very little, so I take what I can get and run; I survive.


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Kelly said...

I love you too, and I'll take advantage of you in the best possible way *wink wink*