Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Failure Sauce

Evidently Barack Obama came to Lansing yesterday. For obvious reasons, I stayed away from the city but watched his speech on television. It was, for lack of a better word, enlightening. He presented several bold and ambitious ideas that sound wonderful and extremely attractive to Michigan citizens especially, but again I ask: How will you do it? Campaign speeches are silly. They focus on how the opponent will negatively impact the country; they only point fingers. Of course, McCain is no angel either. This is the most important election in a long time, and I can't bring myself to register for it. I probably won't be able to anyway, so needless to say I'm not losing sleep over it.

Today I got stuck behind a funeral procession in Williamston. I can only assume that it is for the young adult who was shot to death in the trailer park a couple of weeks ago, but it's the only time, minus homecoming, that there is a legitimate reason for a traffic jam here. Almost right as the procession commenced, a song came on the radio with lyrics that sang: "We've been killing off our friends". I found it melancholy and appropriate.

Life's cruel ironies are lurking.



Kelly said...

Your post about your grandpa made me cry. It was sweet, and I'm so glad you understand. You're a great friend.

Kelly said...

We need to get together and watch the whole movie, Before Sunset. It'll be better than you waiting a million years to watch a 5 min clip on youtube.