Friday, August 22, 2008

College and Self

An update is due, but don't expect much.

I am currently living on the campus of Michigan State University, a fine establishment indeed. It's lovely, it's new, it's mine.

It's also strange. I am so looking forward to getting classes started because at the moment I'm stuck in a weird void between 'home mentality' and 'summer camp mentality'. I don't feel like I'll be living with these people for the next year. I'm content with taking them at face value. After all, I'll be back in Williamston soon, right?

Hah. Oh, hell no.

I look around and my alarm clock is here in 116 West Holmes. My laptop is here. My pictures are here. My Edgar Allan Poe bobble-head is here. I'm home, and I don't know it because it's only been six days, but I like it here.

I like being home. I feel nothing else.


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