Friday, July 18, 2008

Perfectly Large Thoughts

I am no fan of cleaning an already clean house, so I daresay I didn't exactly put my heart and soul into my dusting. However, as dust is afraid of my mum, it never shows itself here and that gives me all the more reason to slack. Also, vacuuming a floor in which the vacuum tracks are still clearly visible from the last time is, well, a complete waste of time.

I have been far too idle as of late. Of course, with the landscaping job done and the office job currently in the air, my only distraction is playing with my newly-attained laptop. I think it would be fitting to name him Rodriguez, so when I say that Rodriguez and I went to the coffee shop to download music, I won't seem like such a loser but rather an individual with quite the spicy social life. It is a win-win sitch, I think. :]

Reminds me of the time that Kellie called her garage "Raj", so she could say that she had been playing tennis against Raj. Hah. :]

Much to my delight, though, the fireflies have been going crazy lately, and every day when I'm driving home from rehearsal they decorate the roads, woods, fields...everywhere. It's like having a starry night on the ground, and I love it.


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