Monday, July 07, 2008

No Leg Worth Burning

Currently I'm listening to my cousins play me some soothing Irish traditionals via iTunes and I'm mildly-to-extremely excited about it, despite the morose expression on my face.

Yes, dear chums, I have returned from holiday in Charlevoix and it was four days of complete and pure chaos as always. Ahem.

I managed to, within the first full day, get sun-poisoned so badly that I blacked out during the 4th of July parade. My skin, from chest down, is the color of, well, a pomegranite I suppose. It's either me being an idiot and forgetting about my incredibly tender skin, or karma because I burned a junebug with a lighter last week. Either way I'm doomed, kids. However, vinegar works more wonders than aloe in situations such as these. Good to know.

So don't mess with karma. And use sunscreen. Seriously.

But as I mentioned before, my cousins have created their own Celtic band and performed on the 4th of July in the city before the fireworks. They rocked, of course. Take a gander, if you will.

And Jenny, Abbey and I fancy laying on the dock at night to watch the stars and such. Around midnight or so last night, we saw the most amazing meteor brighten up the whole sky while it slowly burned in the atmosphere. It was the biggest, brightest, longest meteor that I have ever seen in my life and I almost wished that it hadn't burned completely and had rather landed in the lake or somewhere towards Petoskey...although it might've resulted in a tidal wave or inconveniently large crater. Such is life.

Because it is appropriate to burn one's old American flag after one replaces it with a new one on the flagpole, my cousins and I had a "flag-burning ceremony" at which we held hands and sang every patriotic song (tremendously off-key) while we watched the old, tattered flags melt away. Really, it's actually the way one is supposed to get rid of old flags, so I hear, but I'm about 100% sure that the neighbors think we're terrorists. Oh well.

I think I'll just sit here and anxiously await my future return to Ireland, whenever that may be.


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