Monday, July 21, 2008

An Eye Roll


Positive Patty::Negative Nancy

I can't wait for school to begin::I've gotten apprehensive for no reason at all.

Here's hoping that the job pulls through::I have no idea how I will get there if it does.

I had the power to drive away::in order to invite more aimless wandering beneath the public eye.

I am reading and searching through books::just to prove how much I don't know.

I am growing up::maybe.

I am growing up::but where's the maturity part?

I am growing up::but can't shake the "worthless failure".

This all matters::very little.

...and here's to empty hearts, empty pockets, empty minds, empty schedules, empty thoughts, empty tears, empty nights, empty conversations...



Hilary said...
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Hilary said...

I'm wallowing in the same emptiness... so... if we're both in that emptiness... then it can't possibly be as empty as we both thought. :]