Monday, June 16, 2008

Setting Sail

Guess what?
  • Dude. Last night I wrote my first guitar song. It sucks out loud. :]
  • All hell has broken loose because Mother Nature is officially in menopause.
  • I've finally pinpointed my own personal mentall illness...maybe. Either I'm totally loco en la cabeza or it's just PMS...but since there's an option I'm pretty sure it's just PMS. Go me, I guess. :]
  • I'm totally a legit puppeteer now, as of yesterday. Rock on!
  • Casey and I are finally learning how to dance; yay! And on that subject...
  • I saw our choreographer at Jessica's open house. Small, small world. :]
  • The forecast for the future is gloom and doom as people are already talking about The Greater Depression coming soon. How inconvenient; it comes at the exact time I need $6500. HAH! It's punishment for something, I know it. But then again, I'm being selfish; I'm not the only gal who needs cash. Who doesn't? :]
  • There might be dirt engraved into every showing nook and cranny of my skin because of my choice of summer labor, but on that subject...
  • I might turn out to be a cleaner, trim little Trainer Brat, or whatever they call us nowadays. Hooray!
  • I think I've gone a record amount of time without eating a single Rothbury Farms brand crouton. Cray to the zee, for sure.
  • I have to remember to buy a couple square acres of the moon so I can move there when The Greater Depression comes to kick my ass. Well, good thing I'm majoring in Astrophysics so I'll know exactly what to do!
  • Seriously. What's a girl to do? I guess I could sit in the middle of the road and shake my fist at The System, but figuratively that's exactly what I have been doing. Well, time to roll up my sleeves and fix it myself.


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