Thursday, May 01, 2008


Hey guys, guess what? I have less than 30 total days left of high school. WOW.

My last senior show, Pride and Prejudice, went pretty well overall despite the most unprofessional performance of my entire career on Saturday night; however, all was well. :] Now, we are working on one-acts to do in a few weeks. Hannah and Casey and I are thinking of doing Laundry and Bourbon since it's one of the funniest things of my life.

Although my time has been filled with cramming for my two AP exams next week and water polo, life has actually calmed down a bit. Graduation, however, is way more stressful than it's worth. Can't they just give me a diploma and say "Get the hell out, girl, you deserve it"?

But I know that things aren't meant to be simple. :]

There's more, but I'm tired. Or is it just laziness?


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