Monday, May 19, 2008

Last Monday of High School Ever


I am entirely fascinated with rain. I love listening to it patter on the roof; I love to dance in it; I love to watch the drops slide down windows because each drop distorts whatever is outside the window a thousand times over and then when it finally starts to fall, it is the most peaceful thing in the world to behold.

Before the rain this year, every tree and flower beside my driveway was either brown or nonexistent. Then, the rain came and all of a sudden, flowers popped up everywhere and the treetops exploded into a fit of magnificent pink. As if this were not enough, the rain came again and allowed a portion of the flower petals to decorate the driveway so that both the treetops and the asphalt became covered with a vast sea of beauty. In between these laid a small hill of grass that contained pigments of green for a moment that can only be described by everyday Irish countryside.

Such beauty and contrast from so few small showers of rain is hard to comprehend; however, I have overanalyzed rain enough to compare it to my own soul. When the rain allows itself to fall at the mercy of whatever it hits, there is life afterward. Sometimes the moments that bring the most liberation for me are those that come when I allow myself to become exposed to whoever and whatever. What kind of life have I brought to other people by simply being uninhibited? I haven’t the slightest idea; however a single drop of rain never sees the amazing tapestry of color that is created after it falls.

Si, me encanta la lluvia. :]


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