Friday, May 30, 2008

Done Over and Done, My Dear.

Yes, indeed. High School is over. :]

It was truly a lovely ride.

I learned about so many things: studies.

But aside from the pile of textbooks I've carried throughout the years, I learned about these:

How to grow.
How to shrink.

How to dance.
How to be still.

How to speak up.
How to be silent.

How to act.
How to be genuine.

How to trust.
How not to trust.

How to cry.
How not to cry.

How to love.
How not to love.

How to be a better Becca.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Oh, yes. Life is good.

Thursday, after performing as the Cat in the Hat for several St Mary children (such as Tommy), Jenny and I went off to lunch and then broke into the park to go swinging like we used to when we were a bit smaller. There, we spent a nice hour chatting about everything and nothing; how things will change and how things will stay the same, how we agree and how we don't; how much it matters and how much it doesn't.

Friday was senior skip day. Drove on down to Jackson to find enlightenment. It found me.

For the past few days I've been stuck doing things for band; I haven't minded yet. Tonight is the last concert. I will be glad. :)

Last night was indeed a lovely evening. I haven't laughed so hard in...well at least a few days to say the very littlest. However it was nice and it was fun and genuinely so...just so enjoyable. Regardless of the past four years; because of these past four years; whatever. It's clearance, clearance, clearance; it's merely friendship.

Oh, yes. Life is good.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Last Monday of High School Ever


I am entirely fascinated with rain. I love listening to it patter on the roof; I love to dance in it; I love to watch the drops slide down windows because each drop distorts whatever is outside the window a thousand times over and then when it finally starts to fall, it is the most peaceful thing in the world to behold.

Before the rain this year, every tree and flower beside my driveway was either brown or nonexistent. Then, the rain came and all of a sudden, flowers popped up everywhere and the treetops exploded into a fit of magnificent pink. As if this were not enough, the rain came again and allowed a portion of the flower petals to decorate the driveway so that both the treetops and the asphalt became covered with a vast sea of beauty. In between these laid a small hill of grass that contained pigments of green for a moment that can only be described by everyday Irish countryside.

Such beauty and contrast from so few small showers of rain is hard to comprehend; however, I have overanalyzed rain enough to compare it to my own soul. When the rain allows itself to fall at the mercy of whatever it hits, there is life afterward. Sometimes the moments that bring the most liberation for me are those that come when I allow myself to become exposed to whoever and whatever. What kind of life have I brought to other people by simply being uninhibited? I haven’t the slightest idea; however a single drop of rain never sees the amazing tapestry of color that is created after it falls.

Si, me encanta la lluvia. :]


Friday, May 16, 2008

Last Friday of High School Ever

My list of lasts is growing longer and longer everyday. Complaints? Little to none. :]

The Water Polo season ended last friday with a loss to Grand Ledge, but that's alright. I already miss the gals and the game (so I frequently play at the pool at home) but hey, I scored during the Mason game! I never expected to be able to do that... :]

The One-Act is going alright despite a new debacle every day.

The AP Tests are done and over. No finals for Becca; hooray!

The life is going well. I actually stayed at school for the entire day today for the first time in...a LONG time. :] It was, after all, my last friday of High School ever and I was just having too much fun to go home.

Not much for substance, but I'm saving that all for my last AP English essay. :]


Thursday, May 01, 2008


Hey guys, guess what? I have less than 30 total days left of high school. WOW.

My last senior show, Pride and Prejudice, went pretty well overall despite the most unprofessional performance of my entire career on Saturday night; however, all was well. :] Now, we are working on one-acts to do in a few weeks. Hannah and Casey and I are thinking of doing Laundry and Bourbon since it's one of the funniest things of my life.

Although my time has been filled with cramming for my two AP exams next week and water polo, life has actually calmed down a bit. Graduation, however, is way more stressful than it's worth. Can't they just give me a diploma and say "Get the hell out, girl, you deserve it"?

But I know that things aren't meant to be simple. :]

There's more, but I'm tired. Or is it just laziness?