Sunday, April 20, 2008

Six on Five

So I found out that road-tripping to Birmingham with one's Water Polo team for a weekend tournament is a whole lot of fun...but tiring. :] However, I'm not as tired as I will be this next week because we open Pride and Prejudice on thursday. Yikes.

BUT thanks to Daniel, I got some new Bless the Fall tracks...AND these two new bands that I totally dig: Incarta and Escape the Fate. I don't know where he finds this badassery, but it's groovy to the millionth degree. :]

And we found out that Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a terrible piece-of-crap film that was only semi-saved by Peter's Dracula musical and the colorful array of characters. So don't waste your time...there are better low-budget films out there, most def.

AHH! I just remembered I have to scoot to Art Unlimited and grab the bowl I painted. Hooray!! Now I can eat rice in style.

That being said...


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