Friday, February 08, 2008

What the Hell, Katie?

Today Miss Katie Endahl, who stands behind me in band class, found it prudent to take a life-sized styrofoam head with a made-up face and inch it next to my head, very slowly, while I was having a conversation with Miss Emily Wardell.

Suffice it to say that I looked over to this sickly looking head and became rather startled. Miss Endahl then proceeded to laugh hysterically and eventually I joined her with Miss Wardell. The cruel irony is this: Katie told me she was going to do that to me sometime...I only forgot. Blast.

Yesterday I realized how the 'real world' is such a waste of time. In a country as inaccessible as the one we live in, it's just impossible to get anything done at all. Tiny and nit-picky rules and regulations stop honest people from completing an honest day's work, and while these rule-makers sit back on their ample rears chuckling at their ability to disgruntle an honest population, the dishonest thrive. Great system, kids.

So what the hell, Katie? :]


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