Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Nincompoopery

Today my family ate all of the beef and broccoli while I was at theatre practice in a theatre which is haunted by John Denver [aka Andy, Pearl, or Mayhew] because Abbey made fun of him when he died and so he now finds it necessary to haunt the auditorium and spook kids such as Devin, Zakk, and Casey.

So I'm realizing, though, that nearly every place I've ever been to is supposedly 'haunted'. It makes sense, really. There are enough lonely souls wanderin' around out there for it to be true. It doesn't matter to me. They're not interested in me; it's just that ghosts make everything so much more interesting.

Then we started talking about creepy people.

So here's my love letter to the world:

To all the haters: Channel all of that hating energy into something else.
To all the stalkers: Leave them the HELL alone.
To all the obsessed: You have no personality left. Ditch whatever it is that you obsess over and make your own self; preferrably not on a foundation built by someone else.
To all the greedy: Count your blessings.
To all the lonely: There's somebody else that's lonely too; you'll never really be alone.
To all the unwise: Listen to somebody besides yourself.
To all the Beccas: Figure it out.

...This has been a terrible documentation of thought.


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