Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year Lament

Okay, so I'm not lamenting anything. The title just sounded...fitting, eh? It is 2008 and it is leap day, leap year. So Google replaced the "L" in it's logo with a frog. Clever.

I'm not sure what to type. I just felt like I should, since it's February 29th and I probably won't see another February 29th for a few more years. It's funny. I asked for more time, and my wish was granted. I got about 28 snow days (a slight exaggeration, mind you) and a leap day. Turns out, I still haven't accomplished much. Being a good steward of time is...difficult.

But Caroline and I used the time we would've wasted on the student-staff basketball game and hung out today. Maybe that's just what I wanted. Maybe that's accomplishing something...just spending time with the people I might not see much after graduation... it doesn't make me sad. It's not lament. It's the opposite.

Well, it was fun, anyway. :]

...That's all I've got today, folks.

Happy Leap Day.


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