Sunday, February 24, 2008

Good Eye, Sniper

Did I mention how much I love lunar eclipses? Did I mention that I rather live for astronomical events such as these? Did I mention that the eclipse occurred the clearest winter night we've had this month? Well, I've mentioned it now. Kudos to God; Wednesday's eclipse was a winner.

Life has been simple and gorgeous.

I am still keeping busy with concerts and whatnot. Theatre rehearsals for Brighton Beach Memoirs are getting longer and longer; I still have not grasped my character, Kate. I will. Time is all it takes for that. Well, that and memorizing (and not paraphrasing) all of my 261 lines. Ouch.

Oh, Pride and Prejudice for the last spring play. Hooray! Auditions next week.

I quite enjoy having a sixth hour independent study because I can just go home if I want. I can go home, or I can practice for Casey's recital, or I can talk to Steven, or I can do Calculus, or I can write songs in 5/8 time. Whatever floats my particular boat.

I think I have athlete's foot. Since I haven't been wearing shoes around the school lately, and my left foot is itchy, I probably have some fungal growth. I'm not complaining. It's a well-deserved fungal growth that leaves no room for sympathy. Oh well...

...and did I mention?

A little behind schedule (not the fault of anyone), but I can drive now.

And ooh, it feels good to be free. :]


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