Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Half Six Brilliance

Ireland was, again, amazing. I'd post more pictures; however, dial-up internet makes that quite impossible. That's the way it is, I suppose.

So the storm inside me that was brewing and yearning to go back has been soothed, officially, as of December the 30th. Going back again makes travel all the more accessible to me, and I know I'll always have the option of going back.

I ran through airports, rode in a car that was on the wrong side of the road, frolicked around Bunratty, kissed the Blarney stone, obtained a Dublin admirer, wandered those fields of Athenry, climbed the Cliffs of Moher, shopped in Galway, hated London, tasted delicious wine, and saw my family again.

It was golden, indeed.


School is gorgeous. It has kept me busy, as it is exams week and for some reason I found it prudent to return the friday prior. However, I believe that I will be fine. Rehearsal schedules have remained hectic, but I believe that I am caught up for the most part on everything else.

So now I have found a spare moment to dictate thought. Lovely, and...


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