Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rehearsal Tights

I think it's been an interesting Opening Week.

ACT I-Monday

SCENE ONE: Becca enters SR running at 100 mph towards Amy. She jumps for Amy, misses, and smacks her knee on the corner of a desk.

Becca: Wow, I just smacked the crap out of my knee cap. That really does blow, but oh well. (Exit DR)


SCENE TWO: Becca enters SR into English class. She is happy for a full ten minutes. Suddenly, she feels dizzy, which is normal when she hits her knees. However, this time, she broke out in a cold sweat and blacked out.

Jeanie: Becca...?

Becca lays on the floor, Jenny leaves to get ice.


SCENE THREE: Rehearsal. Becca enters SR (again) with a huge bee-hive ice pack stuck to her knee with a plethora of masking tape. Rehearsal continues as normal for the rest of the week.


ACT II-The Teasers

SCENE ONE: Cast enters St Mary's K-8 School. Becca accidentally almost runs into the men's room. Cast changes into costumes almost directly in front of the Catholic priest. St. Mary's children file in and laugh uproariously at everything. End of teaser, kids ask questions.

JB: Okay, who has a question for the cast?

Tommy raises hand.

JB: You, sir? What's your name?

Tommy: T...Tommy?

JB: Hi, Tommy, what's your question?

Tommy: Umm....That!

Tommy hides behind his teacher. Cast wants to take him home.


SCENE TWO: Cast enters the Cappuccino Expresso. Abbey and Emily are UC. Cast sits in a pod around a single table and sings show tunes as loud as humanly possible. Cast exits DC. Cast gallivants around town distributing flyers for Friday's show.


SCENE THREE: Cast anxiously awaits the Middle School teaser, which goes incredibly well, all things considered. Later, cast anxiously awaits the High School teaser, which goes well too.


SCENE FOUR: Cast enters the Elementary School and plays "four square" with seven people. Elementary kids thoroughly enjoy the show. Cast is incredibly high-energy because of the laughter response. Bryan is asked by one of the kids if he likes chicken nuggets.


ACT III- Performing

SCENE ONE: OPENING NIGHT! Cast enters the house. A few minor things, but none that they could not handle. Crowd response is spectacular. Show is successful.


SCENE TWO: The Pizza Hut tradition gets twisted. Cast re-locates to Old Chicago because of a lack of dough. Cast, Pit, and Crew accidentally run into JB at Old Chicago, but no catastrophe occurs.


SCENE THREE: Cast continues performing until Sunday evening. :)



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