Monday, October 22, 2007

Tan Lines in October

"It makes me want to cry."
"It's so sad."
"This will make people respect what they have a little bit more."

This is just a bit of what Williamston citizens have to say about Thursday's tornado.

I am sick of hearing stories about Rutgers, murders and kidnappings. How about a story about a community who knows how to come together in a time of devestation? I'm proud to live here.

Thursday October 18, 2007
7:30 PM-First siren sounds
7:45 to 7:55 PM- Theatre kids, swimming kids, soccer kids sit in the swimming hall
7:57 PM- Bragle lets us go, we get home.
8:27 PM- Confirmation that every theatre kid is home safe arrives.
9:00 to 10:00 PM-Second siren sounds, I eat dinner, read Gone With the Wind, watch spectacular lightning show outside
10:30 PM- Lightning strikes sporadically like a strobe light, power cuts, first train-sized wind blows through

Friday October 19, 2007
12:30 AM- Third siren sounds, I watch magnesium flare-bright lightning knowing something is horrendously wrong in the sky, rain absolutely pounds everything, second train-sized wind blows through
2:00 AM- Williamston has been declared in a 'state of emergency', I light candles wanting badly to do something about it
9:30 AM- I wake up, walk to soccer field and school. Everything is flattened save the school; trees gone, soccer bleachers across the street in someone's lawn, concession stand a pile of rubble, American Red Cross parked outside
10:00 AM- I find Allison and walk down Meadowdale where it is the worst, see destroyed trees, lack of roofs and garages, people crawling the streets, people delivering coffee and encouragement
10:20 AM- Allison and I walk down Mitchell, we notice homes with no roofs and nothing left.
10:45 AM- I pass McCormick park and notice that it looks like hell and death as every hundred-year-old tree has split and died.
10:50 AM- I survey Jackson street, the Community Center, and our new football field.
11:00 AM- I join a team to clean Jackson Street, Williamston is blockaded by every police officer in the Lansing area.
12:00 PM- Family leaves for Lansing and DeWitt for food and power, every contractor in the Lansing area arrives.
5:45 PM- Marching band leaves to perform at a different football game with a sense of frivolity that I did not agree with, yet wished to make the best of it.
10:00 PM- Town curfew

Saturday October 20, 2007
11:00 AM- I go to Alaina's to straighten my hair--still no power.
2:00 PM- Erika's baby shower
5:00 PM- I go to Grandma's to live with power
9:00 PM- Power comes back on at our house

Sunday October 21, 2007
8:00 AM- Power leaves again
1:00 PM- Theatre kids meet to work on Mitchell, Riverside, and McCormick Park; move logs, trees, rake
2:00 PM-Power comes back on again
7:30 PM- Amy and I enjoy a bit of 'normalcy' and go out shopping

Monday October 22, 2007
12:00 PM- Amy and I go back to McCormick Park; completely own more trees
1:00 PM- Felpausch graciously donates a pack of water to our team
2:00 PM- Mr Richardson thanks us for the water by providing lunch
3:00 PM- Amy and I chill out with dignity and scratches to boot.

Williamston: United in Devestation...

...and in Peace.


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