Thursday, October 04, 2007

Take These

After returning home from Grand Ledge yesterday, and realizing that it was the last time I will ever be required to do such a thing again, I'm exhausted. Really, though, it was pleasant. Marching band never was, is not, and never will by my forte; however, I still have a few more games to go.


Still tired but I should be doing something other than writing here. I should be reading Exodus, finishing up my MSU application, or studying for the second half of the Calculus test that I just stared at today. Literally....just stared at it. Then, proceeded to work slowly and incorrectly through limit problems that should've taken about 15 seconds. I put an asterisk on the top and announced already that I'll be retaking it.

Oh my...and all I could think about was "Goodbye, oh chances of being admitted to Boston University..." but this is all terribly melodramatic. :)

...and my head is beautifully, tragically, soothingly, uproariously spinning.


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