Saturday, September 08, 2007

Forward Motion

"To experience

the b i t t e r s w e e t . . .

to taste defeat

then brush my teeth."

I think I'll just waltz around like I own the world with a huge smile plastered on my face. That's a mighty good trick, isn't it?

"Oh, life is grand,

it's very interesting.

I think I understand..."

But I don't understand.

The only thing I know how to do very well at the moment is rather mundanely trudge to AP English to 'discuss' books I 'read'. Then I drag my lazy arse into Spanish II to mingle with the freshmen and sophomores in that lovely class. Then, like a complete mastermind, I gallivant off to AP Calculus to experience the teachings of the wise Mrs. Nelson. Then, of course, I pretend like I'm eating lunch when in reality, whatver I bring is a sad excuse for breakfast at 11AM. After that, I skip merrily to the parking lot to be eclipsed by the shadow of Ms. Kelsey's wings. After arriving late to Psychology, I sit at a desk and pretend to learn about neurons by relating them to my hand and a beer keg. And still no sign of Finnius. Finally, I splurge and allow myself to spend vast amounts of time typing away the answers to my virtual Astronomy homework. Depending upon the day, I shall then make my way to either the parking lot again or the hallowed halls of the choir room. Either way, I'm musically indulged.

Perhaps routine is how I thrive and die at the same time.

Perhaps a lot of things.

Still no sign of theatre, either. Oh, life is sad, but it is very interesting.


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