Saturday, September 29, 2007

Entirely Audible Sigh

Some days are the kinds of days that one just wants to remember forever. Such days are usually filled with bubble baths, jazz, seeing Venus, the vegetable game, apple pie, and not worrying about the assignments due shortly.

Some days are the kinds of days that one just wants to forget. Such days are usually filled with stuffy noses, uncomfortably hot water, getting stung by a bee, not being able to stop thinking, not being able to taste the pie, and knowing that those assignments are lurking behind just waiting to nip where it counts.

Since today was a mixture of the two extremes, I'd say they kind of cancel each other out and my day was, well, a 'day'. I can handle 'days' in my life, oh I love 'days'. They're just so replete with smiling eyes and so devoid of actual meaning, but it's okay for just once. For just once, I can live a meaningless existence because, you know what? Not mattering doesn't really least not for now. For now, I'll be content with doing the things I'm expected to do, laughing until my stomach explodes, and making something out of...nothing.

I guess it all depends on what I want in that instantaneous moment. for the moment is pretty unpredictable, and that is just precisely what I am.


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