Saturday, August 11, 2007


Band camp wasn't bad. It rained a lot (which I rather enjoyed), I didn't eat the food, the freshman class is really good, and we actually went out one night.

So my year of dreading has been rather futile.

But I am done with that camp for the rest of my life, unless they try to make me come back to MC the freshman introduction campfire like I've done for the past two years. There were a lot of good memories, and they outweighed the bad this year.

For example:
  • Travis and Hannah planned to dump a cooler of water on Ms. K and they got me too because Dupuis and I were in charge of distracting her.
  • I was voted the Hotter than all the Senior Guys and Sexiest Member of the Band by the freshmen
  • Hannah and I painted beards on ourselves with green paint
  • My entire cabin painted pictures on themselves
  • Seth wore my bikini top with nothing under it at the That will never get old.
  • "You have like a whole album full of me being gay!"-Seth
  • Me and DS moshing
  • Dancing in the rain
  • Brushing my teeth in the rain
  • Showering in the rain?

Even though we sent Lisa to the ER and Kelsey got sun poisoning on her legs (not to mention a few sickies, and my heat rash), everybody was okay. Lisa wanted to stay and finish out her senior year at camp so she didn't go home after ER trip for her bacterial pink eye. Kelsey just wore jeans the rest of the week and was fine.

I do hate that camp, but I love them all, and they love me too. So much that I'm looking forward to a week to myself so I don't have freshmen girls hiding in bushes waiting for me to walk by so they can ambush me with hugs. No joke. Oh...they are adorable.

Time for little girls to get some rest.


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