Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Peeling Summer Skin

I am home from Charlevoix for the remainder of the year and I have indeed been toasted. These tan lines should last at least a few weeks, if not more. School begins in T-minus seven days, and my stress level has raised to 8 as I scramble to "finish" AP English assignments and "search" for colleges that I will later "apply" to. Also, I should probably pick a day and time to have a "sectional" weekly, then figure out when I have to stay after school to "work" on the "next play", and maybe get a "job" so I can pay for certain "necessities" that normal kids my age are just "given".

Enough quotations? Oh, hell no.

All in all, though, this is all coming from my bitterness. However, I intend to find joy this year. Might try new things. Already have a plan for Music Composition. Already love my AP Calc teacher. Already enjoy the company of my AP English teacher. Already look forward to theatre with Bragle. Already planning to whiz through Astronomy. Already planning to be bored in Spanish II. Already. I, quite honestly, am even looking forward to the two zero hour classes I have lined up. 7AM, here I come. Bring it on.

I do hope that I can cram everything into my schedule without cramming my sanity onto the back burner. Speaking of sanity, Sump the Crab died today. Not sure how that's related, but somehow I'm sure it is. Well, at least we still have the nice one, Pump. Amy and I plan on venturing to Meijer to perhaps purchase another playmate for Pump. Hmm...what rhymes with Pump? Lump, Bump, Stump, Hump, Gump, Mump, Rump...we'll see.

Oh, goodness. Oh, how the little things pile into mountains. Oh, how little it all matters in the long run. Oh, what a waste of time.

I can waste my time doing whatever I please, thankyouverymuch. Already have (mostly) the Intro and the first movement (Athenry) in my newest piece as a tribute to Ireland. Just the piano part, but maybe I will be able to arrange it for the whole band and you all can play it with me. You can bet on it being incredibly easy because it would be for embellishing the piano, but if I write it for you, I have you in mind, and I want you to enjoy it. So thank you, my band family, I really do love you.


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