Friday, June 01, 2007

Harp Chaser

Indecisive is the word of the day.

For instance, student council elections are coming up. I cannot decide if I want to vote or not. Of course Erin is running for president, but still. Not voting would be my silent rebellion against politics. I love the child dearly, but honestly, she is probably the reason I'm politically inactive, apathetic, and annoyed. With her, I hear it. Every. Day. One can only take so much of the world and its many issues.

It's like pop tarts. You take a pop tart to school every day, eat it 2nd hour, and rotate two or three flavors every few weeks. Even with the flavor rotation, it gets nasty pretty darn fast. Pop tarts taste like soggy, sugary cotton after a while; even when they used to be sweet pastries of delight.

Point taken.

I get so discouraged when people don't realize, but I don't realize. The hypocrisy builds up where I least expect it to build up, but really. Perhaps I have a heart after all, probably thanks to theatre. But all of a sudden I kept feeling things that I, as an American teenager, am not supposed to feel. Empathy? Who ever thought of that? Who cares what's going on in the middle east if you don't have relatives over there? Who gives a toss whether or not people are really living for everything, up to every potential, soaking in every moment?

Maybe it's just us Michigan kids. We're so sick of things failing for us. We're sick of hunting for slim jobs and we're sick of watching the cobwebs form on the "For Sale" signs that have decorated our homes for three years. We're sick of digging holes in our pockets to find spare change for gas. We're sick. We're tired. No, we're exhausted.

This economy makes it so impossible for regular teenagers to lead regular lives. Pardon the theatrics, but really. Who gave the economy permission to take away our rights to grow up? Who fell asleep on guard while this economy snuck into our banks and robbed us clean? Who is the monster that creeps into the bedrooms of all the Michigan educators at night and whispers terror into their ears? Who planted this insane amount of stress for regular, run-of-the-mill, respectable working class citizens who are doing everything they can to avoid a lay-off? Who lets this happen?

We say it's time for change, but we are so powerless. The working-class generation has lost hope and they demand a brighter future for us. Honestly? Perhaps it is time to put away my silent rebellion and vote for change. Perhaps one vote can make the difference to bring our Michigan back to life.

Ugh. Delicious.

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