Friday, May 11, 2007


Back to Becca, but not in the way I thought.


As of right now, Ireland is official, and I couldn't be more excited. As of right now, I'm flying by myself into New York... emphasism on by myself... with a four-hour layover. Not scared. SO excited. Then into Ireland by myself to meet Wally.

You can't even imagine how liberating that is for me.


Jazz concert tonight. Out of my five instruments, four were/will be featured this week. Last night was practice for sunday and Alan gave me a solo to the song I hadn't practiced. Good one, Becca. :)


I keep myself busy. Playing the part of a lazy, busy teenager. Confused, surviving, achieving. A good kid. Convictions are good, but there is a line. Because of who? Not sure. Again, though, surviving. In survival mode...even when it's not needed. Realization and perfectly large thoughts. I'm anxious to get away.

So I'll pull off a world-class Donalbain and enjoy evey second of it.


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