Monday, May 21, 2007

Had It Comin'

The number of things I must accomplish grows larger as I speak, but so does the number of things I have accomplished. I've had an exceptional weekend, all things considered.

On Friday, Courtney, Casey, and ET threw a surprise party for Mary, which was absolutely lovely. It had been a while since I've had that much fun. The guys made us pasta and served us dinner and everything...marvelous. :)

Saturday, I went to the Art Festival with Chelle, grandma, Aunt Lila, and Aunt Jenne. That was pretty sweet; art festivals in general are amazing. It's also pretty rare that I get to hang out with my sweet relatives, so there ya go.

Chelle, Aunt Janet and I went to see Chicago at DeWitt HS which was beyond amazing. It looked like such a fun show to do, although it would never ever fly at my school. Even so...

Sunday was the banquet, and Amy, Hannah and I gave Ms K her hermit crabs named Sump and Pump. She took it awkwardly and amazingly well...she was so excited. Funny. The band has its own pets. :)


There really ain't much to say. Just been thinkin' about some things lately. Lots of what-ifs, lots of have-beens, lots of nonsense.

Maybe the biggest thing is a certain tiny little realization I made today. I'm not the only one with secrets. What a concept. I've gotten so used to taking everybody a face value and chastising myself for hiding certain things that I've forgotten that everybody else has secrets too.

Good Lord.

Not much, but it's enough to occupy my mind for a few minutes. Doesn't take a lot to occupy my mind.

That's all I've got today.


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Nettie said...

aw, great, now I've got that Chicago song stuck in my head. You know, "He had it coming, he had it coming, he only had himself to blame..." Which is relevant, really, because I've been realizing that about secrets as well. And you know, it's comforting not to be alone.