Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bollocks...Figuratively Speaking.

I suppose I could pretend like I spent the past few days learning things; things that might even prove more useful and practical then, say, the quadratic formula or newton's laws.

Of course, finding out that you learned something is only done in reflection. Reflection, in my mind, is muddy to say the least. Not only because of the antibiotics I'm currently on. Because I have a muddy mind, to use a perfectly appropriate alliteration. Or, perhaps, I enjoy over-analyzing and searching for more.

Whatever the reason, I intend to share my findings no matter how true or untrue they may be.

  1. A sore throat will not destroy a performing singing voice, but it won't sound good. It'll be pitchy, dry, and breathy, especially with a solo. Thank goodness for Entertainer's Secret throat spray...and Alan's sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.
  2. I'd really rather improvise and harmonize then plan and be nervous.
  3. It's harder than I thought to apply for a passport.
  4. Lately, ska bands and celtic punk bands have been my closest companions.
  5. A little birdie told me never to abandon, because I'm in the same shoes they were when they abandoned. They unintentionally abandoned, but 'abandoned' is such a heart-wrenching word.
  6. Tissues aren't the only things that make my nose raw. Apparently sunburn is possible in Michigan...again.
  7. Ani DiFranco used to be a target of silly fun-making, but her songs are good. Takes a while to realize that she makes more sense than almost anybody out there.
  8. I have no idea what I've gotten myself into. I know that one can't have a testimony without a test (or an 'imony') but this is ridiculous. So much for vows of silence. Beating the system wouldn't be the most Christ-like way to attack this one. I'll figure it out.
  9. Flying Delta into NYC (and Shannon) is going to freak me out.
  10. Apparently it is prudent for one to practice before a rehearsal. You'd think I would've figured that out by now. Little Miss Performer? Hah!
  11. You.Can't.Trust.Printers.
  12. Lattes won't fix the world. They rob you of $3.60. At least they make writing essays more enjoyable...
  13. I don't know how to behave. Evidently. However, I see no point in lamenting the fact that I act like an idiot in public and people still love me. I lack discretion...but really? I just want to laugh because, in the words of a wise teacher, "Sometimes you just have to laugh, or else you'll cry."
  14. I waste my empathy on fantasies of desperate proportions. could very well be directed at the person who needs it most. I've locked that part of myself...the real part of myself that relates and connects. Seems to me like I've gotten into a predicament. I can't very well go off on a missionary adventure with a locked-up soul. I just refuse to be vulnerable again. Work hard to earn my trust, and you'll unlock Becca.

Food for thought? Maybe not...but at least I didn't eat my words before you read them.


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