Saturday, April 28, 2007

Unlocked Stage Presence

Opening night of Our Town was absolutely spectacular... :) Mrs. Frawley said it was my best part yet, and I agree.

Casey, Kelly, Courtney, and I successfully made half of the audience cry, ourselves as well. We finally unlocked that part of us that is so powerfully moved by Casey's character.

As for me? It's the first time anybody has seen me cry (for real) in about two years. I mean, it was onstage so it's a little different, but still. It was...empathy.

It would be a dirty lie to say that opening week has been the furthest thing from stressful, but honestly, little to none of the stress came from the actual play. Funny little world, is it not? I think so.

One down, two to go. Come if you can make it.


1 comment:

Nettie said...

you make people cry? that's freaking talent!