Saturday, April 21, 2007

Peel The Freckles

After an amazing week, it's easy to post long ranting sentences like this one, so I'll do it.

BK had us on Phil's radio show. He was IMing him all through theatre rehearsal and asked him to give a shout out to the WHS drama club. Mentioned four names on the air. Mine was one of them. Score. :)

Went to the can&bottle today *sigh* again. Because... I'm virtually broke and can't afford band camp at the moment. :) Dang. Turns out, though, I got to hold the sign for a while before sorting bottles. Hannah, Amy and I went to see the mastodon tooth at Tuesday Books because I've been looking forward to it all week. Guess I'm just cool like that. "Mastodon...hairy and colossal... should become... our state fossil!"

After about four hours of cans&bottles, and literally getting fried, Jenna, Hannah, Amy and I went to Cappuccino Expresso to make our very own mockery-stalker website. It's pretty hilarious... and we enjoyed making it. :)

Then on the way home, we saw this big mean red sports car run over a tiny mouse so we stopped, sang it a song called A Foot Away From Freedom, Jenna videoed it on her phone, and we went home.

That'll be on YouTube.

I hope. :)


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Nettie said...

why won't my southern state give refunds for recycling? whyyyyy?