Monday, April 02, 2007

Irish Eyes Smiling

All 12 fish are still alive (even after being diseased for a day) but for the first time they look depressed. Ever since I put Chester in, they're just hanging by the surface. Weird. Yeah, Becca, way to get in touch with your 'inner fish', but maybe they're just sore because Chester seems to have this tolerant ignorance to the way they pick on him sometimes. 'They're goldfish,' Chester thinks, 'and they're immature.' He just sticks himself to the castle or the glass, fluffs his fins, and eats.


On a different topic...

I want it, but we'll see. If He wants it, then it'll happen. It'll take a miracle, but miracles happen. I just need a little help. So... pray, those of you who pray. Hope, those of you who hope. Imagine, those of you who imagine, and, if you dare? Be ready for a little surprise, those of you who enjoy little surprises.

I've got my trust. I've got my peace. I've got my God. No April Fools about it. :)


1 comment:

Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

way to keep all of the fish alive. just make suree that they don't start eating each other. although if they do start eating each other, tape it for me...