Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Demand Sunshine

Michigan's new fetish is snow. Lots and lots of it. Hello? It's April.

And a crow is pecking at our sunroof. Our snow-covered sunroof.

Oh well. It really wasn't that exciting of a day anyway. I mean, yes, I'll say it; I love school. I like to learn. I like to be able to understand things. I like to hang around my friends. I like using my TA hour to paint a random bobble-head soccer player that Dupuis got for Kelsey. It's a package deal.

But waking up at 3:52 in the AM with a head clogged with sickness was not my idea of a morning. Nor was finally falling asleep around 5. Nor was sleeping through my alarm. Mom woke me up at 6:42 and I made it to school by 6:55. An all-time ninjafied record.

So I was lethargic. But who wasn't?

Easter was amazing. Just like old times. Just like the days before the fall of Becca. It's encouraging, because maybe this means that I'm genuiniely...back?

It's so easy to tell myself that I just want to be apathetic...when really all I want is the chance to bloom. So, come on, Wally; give me the chance to bloom!


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Nettie said...

yay happy easter!