Sunday, March 18, 2007

You Would Kill For This

Courtney's party was last night and I enclosed this photograph of us inside her birthday card. I figured she'd appreciate these adorable hunks of attractiveness... who wouldn't? Oh... Les Mis pictures... they crack me up.

I basically hung out with Emmaleigh and reminisced about hell camp. Ugh. She doesn't have to go back next year...I do. "They're all BLUE!"

I have to be off book for Act II today for Our Town. No lines? No problem! But turns out...I do have lines. Quite a number, in fact. Enough, at least. They're enough.

The political cartoon notebook is due...Wednesday. Yippee. Looks as if my procrastination is going to nip me in the you-know-where. Oh well. Bring it on, political cartoons. I can take you.

Oh, Lordy, band festival went well. We got straight 1s of course. Although, as usual, it was quite the waste of time. At least I got to send morse code to Texas on the way. "I was listening to The Who; you HAVE to drum along!" Oh, Texas...she's funny.

Alan and Kelly adopted a baby boy. I'm pretty sure those kiddos are on my list of favorite people. Pretty damn sure.

...I'm gonna go write myself a rock opera.


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Nettie said...

dang, your hair is getting long.