Wednesday, March 07, 2007

No, You're NOT!

Since I've finally got my brain in a stable position, I figured it's time for a post. What do you think?

Things are settling down schedule wise (now don't be mislead into thinking that I'm all cleared now. It just means that I know where I'm supposed to be when I'm supposed to be there.) And cutting Little Miss K out was rather necessary, but she will have her chance. I can promise her that. :)

As it turns out, (long story short), I've taken up flute. I asked Erin if she'd teach me, so she taught me the Bflat scale and sent me off to the races with her Beginner's Essential Elements book and her marching flute. Turns out, by sheer random surprise, Mr Keith had an old flute sitting around the Physics classroom. (That's not the surprising part; he has everything under the sun). I decided to play around with it before Physics yesterday, and he asked if I had one. When I said no, he said "Well you can have that one for free if you want to get it re-padded."

Way to catch me off-guard, buddy. :) Thanks. I was surprised. It has a beautiful sound, it isn't in dire need of being re-padded, and it's mine, all mine.

Mr. Barnes, contrary to the grade he gave me, is pissed about my Elie Wiesel essay. I don't care too much. I 4.0ed the paper because I stuck to the rubric and gave my own potent opinion. Whether or not he agrees with it is not my concern. And, dictionaries don't leave too much room for interpretation, now do they? :)

I should go get ready. I've got food-prep/pantomime workshop with Abbey and Hannah at the coffee shop in an hour! Time for some freeeeeeeench toast!


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