Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Keepin' It Real

I find delicious irony in the fact that as soon as I find my next walk-down-the-sidewalk-in-the-summer-heat song, Michigan hits 72 degrees. I love, I love, I love it.

So mom and I decided to take advantage of the heat and the fact that I got out of school at 12:30 because of the ACT. We went down to Lansing and walked the boardwalk (which, at times, was flooded) and had a sweet time.

I've got a busy week ahead of me, but a relatively low-key busy week. I just made two quiche pies; one for me and one for Friday (although I'm positive nobody but Hannah and I will eat it).

I made an exotic fruit slushie, smiled alot, and danced in my great room. I got the Pride and Prejudice piano score, and I felt it for just one magical moment. I hung out with Alaina, saw Cathy and the catholic kids, ate some fish, chilled with my cousin, and I think I just saw Dupuis drive by.

There's absolutely no reason to be negative. The sun actually brought its warmth this time. I'm looking forward to the Spring Equinox (if it hasn't already happened...) and I honestly got through March 11 without a single tear because I'm having too much fun.

Family's home. Better go eat pizza... then rock the stage at WHS.


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Nettie said...

Dude, we have MATCHING weather!