Friday, March 23, 2007

"I Want to Shake Your Hand!"

As my herald to the weekend and all around goodliness, I got myself 12 goldfish yesterday. Twitch, Clippers, Fermata, Iceberg, Little Rascal, Pepper, Mango, Peach, MacDonwald, The Cracken, and Lenny and Benny. It looks like Twitch is gonna kick it soon, though, and I'm pretty sure MacDonwald has ich, but I won't let it get me down. What can you expect from 12 cent goldfish from a grocery store?

It's funny to me that you can take any quiz online to find out who you are because you're too lazy to find out yourself. I mean, come on, who wouldn't want to find out whether or not they're a heartbreaker?..and hopefully you detected the sarcasm.

My favorite part of the ad for this quiz was the animated graphic. It had a sleazy over-enthused leather-wearing dude with a ridiculous bouquet of roses. Then, up walks a slutty-dressed lady with knee-high purple boots, a burgundy skirt, half of a shirt, and pink hair. She promptly kicks him where it counts and the roses go flying.

I'm sure that the people who created this ad are mature enough to get my valuable participation in their silly quiz...again the sarcasm. So, John Kerry, if you don't pay attention in school or do your homework, you won't end up in Iraq, no, you'll end up creating life-wasting ads for time-killing quizzes.

It really makes you think.

Some people.


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